Neon, Reaganomics, Rock & Roll and Candy! Candy from the 1980s

Taking a look back at the 1980’s, the decade can be summed up with bright, neon colors. Almost every aspect of society expressed the colors as the candy and fashion industry were all large contributors. Plastic filled fruit was immensely popular because of how perfectly the bright colored, fruit shaped […]

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Candy of the Great Depression

For the majority, the 1930s was full of economic hardships. The Great Depression began at the beginning of the decade, and lasted for its entirety. Throughout the hard days, many people listened to the radio. The radio was free to listen to and easily accessible because almost everyone had one […]

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Candy from the 1900s

In the first decade of the 1900’s, America made headway with transportation. To name a few, the Wright Brothers had the first successful powered flight, the construction of the Panama Canal began, and Henry Ford came out with the Model T- America’s first affordable car. For the first time, the […]

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